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Easiflex Joint Health Powder for Horses

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Glucosamine is an amino sugar proposed to support the structure and function of joints by beneficially influencing cartilage structure. It is a major component of glycosaminoglycans which, in turn, are a major component of cartilage. Chondroitin is another building block and protector of joint cartilage. Long term oral administration of Easiflex Joint Health Powder for Horses may improve joint health and function.

1kg, 5kg

Glucosamine, Chondroitin

Administer orally, mixed in damp feed, using 30g scoop provided. Recommended dose rate 10-50mg/kg per day. For an average 500kg horse use 150g (5 scoops) AM and PM mixed in feed (300gm per day). This dosage will deliver 18,000mg glucosamine and 6000mg chondroitin per day which is equivalent to a dose rate of 12-36mg/kg per day.

Not recommended for use in acute or infectious joint conditions. For a diagnosis on these conditions, or in the event of adverse experience or where response is unsatisfactory, consult your veterinarian. Use with caution in pregnant and lactating animals as safe use in these groups has not been established. Use with cauation in animals with bleeding, liver or kidney disorders. Avoid inhaling dust.